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Deliciously Declassified
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I’m Tara: mom of two beautiful boys two handsome boys and beautiful baby big girl, wife and the voice of Deliciously Declassified. My love of cooking, baking, and photography has led me this blog. I go to the market way more often than should admit and always look excuse to make frosting and whipped cream.


As long as can remember, my family life has revolved around food. Something about the Middle Eastern culture just breeds this kind of behavior. My family and friends always gravitate towards the kitchen – whether big or small, regardless it means sitting on counter top versus couch – that’s just how it goes.

Here you’ll find eclectic mix of recipes. The range from my mom’s Middle Eastern classics, to latest find on Pinterest, to my own creations. If it looks good to me, I’ll try it! (At least once, anyway.) Things you won’t find here: anything that has to do with unmelted cheese, most fish and fruit cake (i.e. things I don’t like).


I started Deliciously Declassified on a whim, 8 years ago, was pregnant with my first child, Charlie. Growing up, my family life centered around food, family and traditions. The blog was perfect outlet to share those experiences and recipes with others.
Since then, the blog has grown from a hobby into a passion. A couple of years ago, I took the leap and decided to write a children’s book (something that I had wanted to do for a long time) that would inspire children to bake and make fun memories of their own. Publishing a book has been quite the learning process for me as a novice author and I’ve learned so much along the way. It takes a lot of determination to push through the hurdles and get your final result exactly the way you want it — but it end, it’s totally worth it!
The story of Ginger brings together my passion for food and family traditions. I hope that my first book, Ginger, becomes a classic story that kids look forward to reading to create their own happy family memories.


Any pictures you see on my blog were taken by me (unless otherwise noted). I currently use Canon Rebel 6D, and I LOVE IT! It’s totally worth the investment. If you would like images, please credit with link back to Deliciously Declassified. For print use, please contact me directly.

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