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Mediterranean Yogurt

‘Greek Yogurt’ has recently become really popular… but my mom’s been making it for years and if you ask her, it’s not Greek, it’s Lebanese.  So, I’m calling this thick yogurt spread ‘Mediterranean’ to keep the peace.  


  • Plain yogurt (you can use full fat, low fat, or fat free)
    • The yogurt will diminish by half, so keep that in mind
Ideas for pairing…
    • Honey and almonds
    • Strawberry jam
    • Fresh berries
    • Salt and olive oil


  • Place a strainer in a large bowl
  • Line the strainer with a 2 large fluted coffee filters like this (you could also use layered cheesecloth if you have it on hand)
  • Allow the yogurt to strain through the coffee filter until it is thick – this can be anywhere between 4-8 hours up to 24 hours
    • Approximately 4-8 hours will yield a thickened yogurt that’s good for mixing with berries, jams and honey
    • 24 hours will yield a very thick yogurt spread – if you’re planning on this, add some salt to the yogurt and mix before straining (top off with some olive oil and spread on a thick cracker like Melba Toast)
    • You could speed this process up a bit by folding the filters or cheesecloth over the yogurt and placing a dish and bowl on top of it to add pressure
  • While the water is draining out of the yogurt, you’re going to want to check on it and change the filter out about halfway through if you’re planning on letting it sit overnight
    • Do not refrigerate the yogurt while it’s draining
  • Discard the whey at the bottom of the bowl and carefully scoop the thickened yogurt into a container

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